About The New Africa Channel

The New Africa Channel is Africa’s most comprehensive and number one video channel for construction, technology, development, environmental, business, trending issues, and more. Our channel receives millions of views monthly, from people not just in Africa, but around the globe.

With experts in the industry, we’re inspired to share knowledge and expertise with our mass audience and showcase the best in development across Africa, and at the same time highlight opportunities on the continent.

Our mission includes informing and educating through the power of media, covering African stories that don’t receive mainstream attention, covering stories around the continent, among others. We also aim to connect Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora with the rest of the world, by showcasing the positive stories of the continent. We are all related to Africa, irrespective of where we come from. At The New Africa Channel, our and readers and viewing audience guides the direction of our platform, and we always want to present quality content that meets their needs.

Checking facts is important in reporting to help overcome the issue of misinformation. We’re committed to factual reporting and spend several hours and resources researching our topics, based on our in-house guidelines for checking facts.

We’re also committed to following US Copyright law and will take down infringing content based on our in-house guideline (Copyright Policy). Contact us, and we’ll be glade to talk with you and solving any associated issues or request.
For further information about our channel, management, or advertising on our platform, contact us using the following email: info@thenewafricachannel.com

You can also reach out to us anytime for news tips, content submission and other request associated to our work.

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