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The New Africa Channel (  is just not a website, it represents what daily happens in Africa’s . With constant updates of news, opinions and information related to Africa. The New Africa Channel is Africa’s most comprehensive and number  news and video channel for construction, technology, development, environmental, business, trending issues, and more. Our channel receives millions of views monthly, from people not just in Africa, but around the globe. The New Africa Channel is simply anything and everything Africa.

We are the voice of the industry, with a large subscriber base of industry players and a large monthly internet audience. We’ve put together some great digital advertising options for you to reach out to thousands of industry players.

Display Advertising and Marketing Solutions

We offer a wide selection of display advertising formats on our YouTube channel and news platforms, all of which adhere to IAB guidelines, on both The New Africa Channel’s desktop and mobile platforms.

Our display advertising and marketing solutions’ main goal is to promote the advertiser’s message through various alternatives, such as videos, newsletters, event coverage, banner placement, public announcements, guest appearances, live streaming, and so on.

Our different departments collaborate to provide advertisers with inventive marketing options through the organization of our news channels. As a result, we can support any client journey and assist you in achieving your marketing goals in the most efficient manner.

Advertising opportunities with us includes:

  • Banner on Newsletter
  • Banners on website
  • Geographical targeting
  • Targeting by section (e.g. trending news, business, , construction,..)
  • Eshots
  • Digital magazine advertisement
  • Article marketing
  • Events promotions, and more

Contact us for further discussion about advertisement on our news platform or YouTube Channel:

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